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Are You Ready to Invest In Yourself
and Intentionally Design the Wonderful Next Chapter in Your Life?

If so, my 8-week online course, Reboot, Upgrade & Reignite, will guide you through how to do it.

It’s time to let go of past hurts and limiting patterns and beliefs that are dragging you down and holding you back from fulfilling your potential.

Whether you’re dealing with a career change, a difficult relationship, or simply feeling depleted and stagnant in life, this program will give you the tools and support you need to rediscover your zest for life, let go of unnecessary baggage, and build the purposeful second half of life that you want and deserve!

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This Powerful Course
Targets 3 Critical Areas to Create Long-Lasting Change

I’ve developed the Easy Change method, which is a powerful process that helps you break through old patterns and barriers, and emerge feeling more alive, radiant, and ready to embrace your second half of life.

I do this by focusing on three distinct aspects:

The Conscious

I use the most effective methods to help loosen old neural connections that are holding you back.

The Unconscious Mind

As a board-certified hypnotherapist, I engage your subconscious mind to reprogram thought patterns that are no longer serving you.

The Body

Any work we do with the mind must be integrated with the body. We work with you to embody change through movement to create a lasting transformation.

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The Reboot, Upgrade & Reignite Course Includes 8 Modules That Help You Go From Merely Surviving to THRIVING…


You’ll be able to change some old beliefs and reignite the life force in you, as well as control your energy level.

Easy Release

I’ll help you release heavy emotional baggage that drains you of your energy and joy, so you can feel lighter and freer.

Love Your Body

You’ll reconnect to your body in a new or deeper way and reprogram disempowering beliefs about your body.

You Are Enough

You’ll learn how to deal with your inner critic and you’ll know with certainty that you are enough.

Easy Mindset & Habit Shifts

The outlook and habits you need to keep you on track to realize your dream and to ensure you don’t slide back into old ways of thinking.

Automatic Magic

I’ll help you tap into the magic of you at the subconscious level and become even more wired up to your unique gifts.

Open & Courageous

Become more able to seize opportunities, and supercharge your confidence so that you can share your gifts at the level you want.

Magnetic Radiance

Reclaim your radiance and sensuality as you learn to fuel your inner flame and even get your sexy back.

With powerful, science-backed strategies and guidance in each module, you’ll have the tools and techniques you need to make your second half of life better than the first! 

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Imagine Feeling as Radiant and Excited About Life as You Once Did…This Course Can Make That Happen!

It’s completely normal to reevaluate your life in your 40s and 50s and worry that perhaps the best of your life is behind you. But that doesn’t have to be the case! You can create a life filled with purpose, love, and joy.

But nothing is going to change unless you take action. Make the decision to invest in yourself and become the architect of the fabulous next phase of your life.

8-week online course just $995

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