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Dre Garcia

CEO; Business Solutions Specialist; Community Activist; Mom

Susan Lee

Former Educator; Protector of Children; Mom

Gina Calderon

Sr. Clinical Director; Pharmaceutical Company

Carla Leslie

Business Owner; Single Mom of 2

Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey

National Geographic Explorer; CEO & Founder; EARTH ONE; United Nations Visionary Award

Dr. Samantha Shankar

Neuroradiologist; Mom

Dr. Yan Ping Xu

Owner; Perfect Union of Body And Mind; Mom

Lori Richman

Artist; Mom of 6; Grandmother of 7

Marissa Mut Mauriello

Entrepreneur; Nurse; Mom

Shoshana G.

Technology Support Specialist

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Carrie Moore
Financial Services Advisor, 100 Women In Finance Committee, Top 50 Women Leaders For Miami, TedX Speaker

Financial Services Advisor, 100 Women In Finance Committee, Top 50 Women Leaders For Miami, TedX Speaker, Mari is an incredible individual grounded in a strong sense of self that guides her ability to be present and in a place of service to her clients. I’ve known Mari personally for 9 years now and have great respect for her collective experience as a professional and individual. I took great comfort in her capital markets background and understanding as relatability.

I had the opportunity to experience Mari’s hypnosis practice and greatly valued the experience I received from it. She is methodical and committed to her practice and to her clients and creates a space of understanding. I highly recommend Mari and easily endorse her for the purpose she carries in creating transformation.

Owner, Perfect Union of
Body and Mind

I struggled with my childhood wounds for as long as I can remember - even after doing a lot of healing work. Mari has helped me transform my old beliefs into a powerful, self-loving way of being. Mari makes it easy, comfortable, clear, and flowing. Most of all, I felt deep caring and love from Mari. She has brought so much healing and transformation into my being.

I strongly recommend Mari to anyone who wants to heal or is looking for a new way of being.

CEO, Feminine Rising
Mari creates a beautiful container of love and safety. She put me into alignment with my vision and cleared the roadblocks so I have access to my passions. I leap out of bed ready to do the work I came here to do. Her voice is soothing and relaxing. Who needs meditation music when Mari can put you to sleep to access your unconscious mind?

Before my sessions with Mari I struggled with low self-esteem, childhood trauma, heart break, over-thinking, non-existent boundaries, fear of speaking up for myself, and fear of confrontation. After working with Mari I feel stronger and more confident. I now fully grasp that boundaries are protection for myself and to never allow myself to feel like I’m not good enough. Working with Mari is amazing. Things that I was embarrassed about, I was able to open up to her fully. She understood immediately what I meant or how I felt. My work with Mari has positively impacted my relationship with myself and my kids. Mari has an amazing, peaceful, loving energy, and she’s very intuitive. She was so very passionate about helping me. She’s very caring.,

I would rate Mari a solid 10/10. She’s very skilled. I would describe her work as a breakthrough. I sincerely appreciate her understanding, her love, and her kindness.


I have spent the better part of my life mentally trapped under a grey cloud that rained down on me and drenched me in feelings of loneliness and anger. Mari’s work has dispersed the clouds and brought out warm and loving sunshine. She has empowered me with tremendous tools to help change my life and live it to the fullest.

Dre Garcia
CEO, Business Solutions Specialist, Community Activist

Mari has helped me so much. As a CEO with a husband and two kids, who serves in leadership positions in multiple businesses and nonprofits, I had a lot of stress and some fears and now I’m so happy. Working with Mari has completely changed my life. I listen to her audios every night and I’ve improved in so many areas, from financial to general stress, to health. It’s easy and relaxing. I would recommend Mari to anyone. She’ll help you achieve whatever you’re trying to achieve.


A talented, attractive and fun woman in her mid 30s is building a wonderful business but she doesn’t feel comfortable charging her clients enough. She is consistently shortchanging herself and that leads her to procrastinate in her business endeavors. She feels like she will never get her business where she wants it. Together we discover that she has deep feelings of unworthiness because she grew up in a dysfunctional family. At a young age she felt intense shame for her parents’ inability to love or take care of her. On top of this, there was sexual abuse by a relative, which led to her unconsciously thinking she is not a good person. In the session I was able to help her see that she concluded she was not worthy of asking anyone for anything. As a young child, she concluded that she had to continuously fix everyone and get nothing in return. It was easy to update her programming so that she knew she was worthy, and that she deserved to be in the flow of money. She went on to build a very successful business and thrive in her long-term relationship. 

Client Transformations

*names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals


A 30-something professional, has had hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of hands and feet) since she 2 or 3 years old. Her father also had it, and she was told it’s genetic. This condition affected her self-esteem, as any time she would feel nervous her hands and feet would sweat profusely. She could never shake hands with confidence. Pens and devices would slip from her hand, and papers she would handle would get wet. In the session it became apparent that she had a rough childhood, in which her father would often beat her. She held all her emotions inside, so as not to upset her younger siblings. We concluded that the hyperhidrosis was moving energy through her body. Tears were not flowing, so the hands and feet were essentially crying. Her adult body continued to associate stress to wet hands and feet. After one session, her hands and feet stayed dry and have remained so months later. 

Client Transformations

*names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals

A lovely intelligent woman in her 40s, keeps getting into relationships with men who don’t respect her boundaries and who disregard her wishes. Why? After digging together, we find that she is replaying the feelings of violation that she experienced again and again when her father sexually abused her as a child. Subconsciously, she is still looking to resolve the hurt associated with her father – by seeking men who don’t respect her or validate her. In the session we break the pattern -- and she feels free and empowered. She no longer feels attracted or even the least bit interested in men who don’t respect and value her. Note that Ashley had been going to therapy for years. She tells me a month later, “You changed my life.”

Client Transformations

*names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals

A beautiful, successful woman in her early 40s, is married to a narcissist and she’s miserable. Although he treats her terribly, and everyone wonders why she’s with him, she continues to subject herself to his emotional abuse. In the session we discovered that based on a few scenes as a very young girl with emotionally unavailable parents, she concluded that she was not loveable, ugly, and stupid. Therefore, she unconsciously chose a man who would leave her consistently feeling the way she felt as a young child (alone, unloved). Once we reframed the scenes and upgraded the programming, she soon filed for divorce – and within a few months, she entered into a long-term loving relationship. And she feels great about herself. 

Client Transformations

*names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals


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